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Summer 2017 Nor'easter
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Summer 2017 Nor'easter

Veni, Vidi, Venti


That's supposed to mean that We came, We saw, and the Wind Blew, but it may just mean we went to Starbucks and ordered a medium coffee.  In any event, we had our event, and it was fine.

We were graced with wonderful sunny and warm, but not hot, weather and not a drop of rain to spoil the party.  We started on Friday with members coming in to get their slips or moorings.  The team at Kingman Yacht Center were ready for us and there was plenty of help to get people to the right mooring or into the proper slip.  Event planners went into overdrive to make sure that the tent was properly set up and all the gear necessary to support our speakers was ready to go.

At 5:30 PM the caterers opened the bar, we handed out name tags and we were off to the races.  We had a great dinner and our after dinner speaker was Ron Weiss, Co-Author of Greenpeace Captain: My Adventures in Protecting the Future of the World.

Saturday featured a great breakfast and then we had a two track seminar series in the morning.  The Cruising Track featured Tricia Johnson and Skip King holding forth about Provisioning for Long Voyages.

Linda Riera and Bob Damiano followed describing how they took their Tartan 4000
Argon to the Caribbean and back over ten months.

(In the photo at left Bob Damiano is fielding a question from the audience while Linda Riera runs the slide show on screen.  In the photo at right Tricia Johnson makes a food point while co-leader Skip King looks on.)

Our Technical Track started with Pete Torosian giving everybody the dope on what its like to sail a Tartan 4100 in the Marion to Bermuda race.  

(The photo at left shows Pete holding the Shark Drogue, one of the heavy seas tools he described in his talk.  )

He was followed by Dick Waterhouse of Springline Yacht Sales providing tips on close quarters sailboat control. (That's Dick in the photo on the right making a point.)

The catering staff put together another amazing meal Saturday night and then we featured Tim Jackett
bringing us up to date on Tartan factory doings.  (Shown above)

And then Ken McKinley, founder of Local Weather, provided a terrific briefing on weather products and how to use them when preparing for a cruise.

Sunday morning offered the traditional rendezvous continental breakfast and the members began to head their separate ways.  Some were headed for the Vineyard, some to Maine, and some back home.

All had a great time!

 TONE's Mission: To provide forums for all Tartan owners to exchange information, enjoy boating and social events together,
 and create a sense of fellowship in order to enhance our ownership experiences.

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