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Dealing with Covid Summer
2020 Sailing Questions

Summer Plans May be Derailed

A couple of months ago the leadership team for TONE moved forward in planning a number of summer activities.  We wanted to have a couple of local activities near Long Island Sound and put together a Maine Cruise.  Covid 19 probably hadn't even been named when the events were planned and the schedules placed here on the web site.  Well, like most of the world, we were skunked on this one.

Reviewing the most recent rules announced by the various authorities, the sailing destinations that we had planned will be very unwelcome places for transient sailors to put into this summer. New York, Rhode Island, and Maine have all announced quarantine rules which will affect sailors from out of their respective states and make entry by TONE members challenging, to say the least.  Most governors are looking for a 14 day self quarantine after arrival with harbormasters watching for visitors and enforcing the rules.  

As of May 11 (the creation date of this update) we are suspending the Shelter Island event planned for July and the Scituate event planned for August.  We are not cancelling the Maine cruise yet since it really takes place at the far end of July and mainly into August.  Although the Maine governor recently announced a Phase 3 Business Opening regime planned for July and August that keeps the 14 day quarantine in place, experience over the next month and a half may lead to an update that would allow our trip.  It doesn't look good now, but things could change.

If you would like to take a look at the proposed plan click here:

2020 Maine Cruise Float Plan Details

As circumstances change TONE will update this page and if openings will allow us to form up quick "flash mob" get togethers we'll give that a try.

We hope that all our members, families, and friends have been spared the awful consequences of the Covid virus and wish you all the best during what will surely be a historic and disrupted summer.


Major Tartan Announcement!

Seattle Yachts International has acquired Tartan Legacy Yachts with the intention of continuing to build Tartan yachts and Legacy powerboats.

The following is re-printed with the permission of Seattle Yachts International:

Breaking News: Seattle Yachts International Acquires 60-Year-Old Ohio Boat Manufacturer!

Fairport Harbor, Ohio - Peter Whiting, Managing Partner, announced that Seattle Yachts International, is continuing its expansion and vertical integration with the recent acquisition of famed 60-year-old boat manufacturing operation, Tartan-Legacy.

Seattle Yachts has formed a wholly-owned subsidiary, Marine Manufacturing Group LLC (MMG) to purchase the assets of Tartan Legacy Yachts, a manufacturing operation that produces Tartan Sailing YachtsLegacy Downeast Yachts, and AMP® brand carbon fiber masts and spars. 

Speaking with candor and obvious pleasure, Whiting explained that Seattle Yachts has been a dealer for both Tartan and Legacy yachts for several years and had a number of boats in the Tartan Legacy production pipeline when it became evident the Ohio-based manufacturer was experiencing financial difficulties.

Said Whiting,"Look, it’s no secret that Tartan-Legacy had fallen onto some hard times of late and was struggling despite having a healthy order book and some nineteen boats in process on the production floor.

We could see that, with some needed recapitalization and the infusion of some heavy-duty boat building management talent, we could restore the brands to their historically strong positions in the market. We also felt that would ultimately be to the benefit of everyone, including current and future customers, other Tartan-Legacy dealers, and, of course, ourselves, who had significant investments at stake, not to mention the 45 some people who work in the operation."

...the Tartan-Legacy manufacturing operation is being moved to a new 52,000 sf facility in Painesville, OH, about five miles from its current location. Although only slightly larger than the current facility, the new plant is, according to Macnab, much better laid out for boat building than what Tartan-Legacy has had for the last ten or so years. And the long-term lease at the new facility assures Tartan and Legacy brands will continue to be built in the heartland of America for a long time to come.

The full article can be seen at this link from Seattle Yachts International:

This is exciting news for both Tartan and its new owners. TONE wishes all involved the very best of luck!

 TONE's Mission: To provide forums for all Tartan owners to exchange information, enjoy boating and social events together,
 and create a sense of fellowship in order to enhance our ownership experiences.

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