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The Third Time is the Charm

The 2017 TONE Summer Rendezvous was announced at the recent Winter Dinner. This year's rendezvous will take place August 4, 5, & 6 at Kingman Yacht Center, Red Brook Harbor, Cataumet, MA.  This will mark the third time that Kingman has hosted the rendezvous, and for good reason.  The gang at Kingman rolled out the red carpet for TONE when we used the facility for our 2007 and 2011 rendezvous and they have been asking us to return for years.  We love the location and we love the service and amenities that we get at Kingman so it seemed like time to come back.

We are planning a terrific set of activities during the rendezvous that we hope will whet the sailing appetites of all those coming:  Friday night, August 4, we plan a cocktail and camaraderie hour (or two) with a cash bar which will be followed by a wonderful dinner.  After the dinner we plan for a speaker presenting on a sailing related topic.

Saturday morning will start with a full buffet breakfast and then we plan a number of smaller group seminars on different topics that would appeal to the interests of all the members and their crews.  We expect a couple of pre-lunch offerings and then a couple of others after lunch for those who want to explore or learn new skills.  The Board is still contacting speakers and experts to see who might be available for what, so we're not trying to play cute with the topics, we just don't have then nailed down yet. What we do know is that we want offerings that both men and women, die hard sailors and mellow coastal cruisers alike,  will all find something interesting.

Saturday evening will feature the all important adult beverage hour and then a yummy dinner. We're planning a really engaging post dinner presenter that won't put you to sleep even after that big evening meal.

Sunday, the last day of the rendezvous, will start with the traditional continental breakfast and then we are going to try a couple of morning seminar/events for those who are interested and are planning to stay the day at Kingman.

For the deep planners among you, if you are headed through the Cape Cod Canal towards Boston, the current turns east at the Railroad Bridge at 3:48 P.M on Sunday afternoon and at 4:12 A.M. on Monday morning.  For those interested in Edgartown and the Islands, the Wood's Hole current is max flood towards Vineyard Sound at 8:10 A.M. and goes slack at 10:45 A.M.  The distance from Red Brook Harbor to the entrance to Wood's Hole is just a hair over ten nautical miles.

We have created a registration page here on the site for event registration:

2017 Summer Rendezvous - 8/4/2017

Feel free to sign up now!  We are hoping for a great turnout and, quite frankly, the more people we have signed up the more we can plan for at the event itself.  It is our hope that this rendezvous, our first "big show" since 2013, will be worth your interest and attendance.  We want to make this the best event ever.

The TONE Winter Dinner
The TONE Winter Dinner:  Saturday, March 11, 2017.
We had such a good response for last year's event at the Inn at Mystic that we went back.  Once again TONE gathered at the Haley Mansion overlooking the Mystic River for a wonderful evening of catching up and fellowship.

This year's event featured a cocktail hour (two actually - TONE members like to talk!) followed by a wonderful buffet dinner and dessert.

Since the evening of March 11 was blustery and very cold, the dinner was moved from the connected tent into the mansion proper.  We decided that it would just be too windy and chill to keep everyone comfortable in the tent we used last year.  The living room with its cozy fireplace was turned into a very intimate dining room for the roughly fifty members who attended the event.

After the cocktail time the assembled crew filled their plates from a scrumptious buffet and sat down to enjoy the feast.

To the left, clockwise, members Larry Jones, Carol Larson (back to camera), John Allen, Robert Johnson, Tricia Johnson, Dick Jerauld, and Tom Mikan enjoy dinner.

Down to the right, the Women of TONE: Myra Waine, Mary Grace La Rocca, Joyce Stoehr, Fernanda La Rocca, and Judy Allen enjoy drinks in front of the fireplace.

As has been the case in all the past Winter Dinners everyone who came had a marvelous time and managed to squeeze a fun sailing (related) event out of the very much non-sailing existing weather.  Much of the talk around the fireplace centered on where people were planning to cruise this summer and what projects they had in mind to improve their Tartans.

The TONE 2017 Summer Rendezvous was announced at the event and a show of hands showed plenty of interest among those at the Winter Dinner in attending the next big TONE thing.

Nor'easter Newsletter Available Now

The 2017 edition of Nor'easter, the TONE newsletter, is available for download here on the site.  It's chock full of interesting articles to keep you occupied during the chilly winter non-sailing months.

Click here to download the Winter 2017 Issue:    Winter 2017 Nor'easter

 TONE's Mission: To provide forums for all Tartan owners to exchange information, enjoy boating and social events together,
 and create a sense of fellowship in order to enhance our ownership experiences.

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